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                                We do not work with Titanium, Tungsten Carbide or 10K gold.                    
  The world leader in the fine art of mechanical hinged rings.            
Name solitaire rings   Ringlock comfort fit hinged wedding bands.
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Our most popular widths.
4.0 mm Silver S.S. (USD) $315.00
5.0 mm Silver S.S. (USD) $435.00
6.5 mm Silver S.S. (USD) $515.00
See pure gold content in 18 K and 10 K  

Use your old gold items to make new exciting
jewelry, and pay only the fabrication cost.

    Gold too expensive! Beat the cost with our Silver Wedding Bands.
The properties of silver is soft it will scratch, but the locking mechanism is the same design as a gold model which is the most advanced and secure in the world.
Transform your original band into a Ringlock.            

A) AMAZING WORK!  (Photos by email)
    I can’t wait to see the final product.

          We credit your old gold towards a new secure Ringlock wedding band. Consider recycling your old gold items towards your new purchase.      

B) (Ring received 1 week later)
     Good morning, the ring is better
     than I expected and fits perfect!

Germs "E-coli" transfer.
Remove rings when handling food
raw fish, raw meat, bread dough.
Don't do like the T.V. chefs.

Better safe than sorry.
Wearing food prep gloves is also a good idea.
For close ups and research.
Clapping with rings on both hands
damages all kinds of rings.
We send you a plastic strap like this to measure the finger size that you require.
White gold for the platinum look same prices.
All prices are in USD
8.0 mm                   Yellow or white gold                 5.0 mm  

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Size 8 to 12             Carving
$ ,,,960.00                $  50.00
$ 1,050.00

$1,525.00                 $  75.00

$1,765.00                 $100.00

$2,165.00                 $125.00
$2,670.00                 $150.00

To Size 7 ½
2.5 mm  14K  $ ,,915.00
2.5 mm  18K  $1,000.00

4.0 mm  14K  $1,455.00
4.0 mm  18K  $1,670.00

5.0 mm  14K  $1,675.00
5.0 mm  18K  $1,925.00

6.5 mm  14K  $2,040.00
6.5 mm  18K  $2,360.00

8.0 mm  14K  $2,510.00
8.0 mm  18K  $2,895.00

As of Feb. 3, 2015, gold is at $1,272.00 USD per ounce.

Yes we fabricate over size 12. We have made a size 17 for a pro football player with a size 26 knuckle.

Inside engraving is included with the price of wedding bands.
Usually a date, some initials, and a pet word or two.
      Link to current gold market prices at Kitco.
Please allow 3 or 4 weeks for delivery, 1 week is needed for the mail.
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